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Creating Stunning Art...

                       That Just Happens To Be Of Your Family.

When you are looking for something special - something a bit luxurious - to express the love of your family, you can be confident that Adelaide photographer, Tania Gaylor, will craft a family portrait of significance.


She will understand what you want (even if you don't), take you by the hand and give your family an experience that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

You will laugh, you will cry... 


You will have so much fun...and your heart will burst with pride when you see the finished art.  Your family portraits will be filled with so much emotion and your featured portrait will make everyone in your family feel that they are a part of something important and special.

Imagine a statement piece or a featured gallery hanging in your home that says everything about your family.  Now imagine images on a USB!  There is no comparison.

Tania Gaylor specialises in capturing the essence of your family - elegantly and artfully - providing you a complete service so you can enjoy your family portraits hanging in your home as custom-designed art that portrays a legacy of Belonging...It says to your children/your family, "I Love You" and "You Belong Here".  There is no other piece of art, furniture or toy you can have in your home that will express love like a 'Tania Gaylor' portrait. It will say so much about you and your family in one of the most beautiful ways.


What will a portrait like this mean to you?

Custom Family Photography Designed To Fill Your Heart & Home With Happiness

Adelaide Photographerse.jpg

Hi, my name is Tania Gaylor.

I just love making people feel good about who they are and what they have.  I especially love seeing how proud parents' are of their family.

As you'll discover, I’m very different to most other photographers here in Adelaide because I am a Portrait Artist and it’s my mission to create the most stunning art-piece for you, that is full of emotion. . . and just happens to be of your family.

And this is something that we will uniquely create together.

I will hold your hand from the very beginning (from the initial design concepts), right through until your beautifully styled portrait is professionally framed and installed in your home.

This portrait won’t be like any other.  It will be stunning and artistic but most importantly it will send a strong message to your family of belonging and connection, as well as instilling the important family values of love, happiness & strength.  It will show everyone how proud you are of your family and what's most important to you.

That's the power of my family portraits.

Call today and let's have a chat, I would love to give you all the  details on what we could create together.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Tania Gaylor


Here’s What Other Families Of Adelaide Have To Say...

Portrait Taken By Adelaide Photographer, Tania Gaylor (c) 2016

"The Most Unbelievable Portraits"

“Dear Tania, we received our album and photographs safely. Thank-you most sincerely they are surely the most unbelievable portraits.  The more times I look through my album, the more I see the wonderful composure of all and this is a reflection of your magic eye for detail. A treasure of memories we will have forever, we are so very lucky to have such a special family.  With love Bob & Nola”
Bob & Nola Napier, Dunkeld (Vic)

"Very Professional...Tania Has A Great Eye For Colour And Choosing Special Places."

“We had such fun with Tania having our family portraits taken. She was very professional and put us at ease very quickly. She has a great eye for colour and for choosing special places both inside and outside to ensure the best possible photos were taken. Our finished results are superb and will be treasured forever.'"

Imelda Lynch, Unley Park

Portrait Taken By Adelaide Photographer, Tania Gaylor (c) 2016

"Wow! Tania, You've Done It Once Again! "

"Wow! Tania Gaylor you've done it once again (after photographing my 6 month old twice now - first time when he was 5 weeks old)! Thank you so much for delivering exactly what you promised and more. We are absolutely thrilled with your creative work and can't recommend you enough. Thanks again" 

Trish Holmes, Brighton

"We Are Just Thrilled With Our Portraits"

"Tania, I don't know how you do it.  You've been able to capture such magical moments not just once, but twice for us.  We are just thrilled with our portraits.  Not only do we look at them every day, our friends keep commenting on them whenever they drop by.  Thank you for being so patient with us and the boys, for the boys especially, the process seemed so easy :)

Rob & Brionie Jurd, Hazelwood Park


When You Are Looking For Something Special To Express The Love Of  Your Family...

If you are anything like me and you value your family more than anything in the world then let's have a chat (no obligation of course), I would love to hear about your family and what's important to you.  I can give you some great ideas and give you a good indication on how much you can plan on investing in your portraits.

By calling today and having a chat about what we could create together to celebrate your family, you will be on your way to showing your children how important they are to you and how much you love them.


Phone:  0408 885 571


Alternatively you can contact me via email:


West Lakes, Adelaide

South Australia

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