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Tania Gaylor Adelaide Family Portrait Photographer
Family Portrait Photographer, Adelaide

Empowering family relationships with every portrait...
Art That Happens To Be Your Family.

Custom Family Portrait Signature Art By Tania Gaylor Photography, Adelaide Photographer

Custom Family Photography Designed To Fill Your Heart With Love & Your Home With Happiness

Did you know that having a family portrait is so much more than creating heart-warming memories and a wonderful experience?

When your family portrait is displayed in your home as a beautiful statement piece, it’s a visual expression of unity that strengthens family bonds, boosts self esteem and creates positive memories - it’s a centerpiece that empowers family relationships, leaving a lasting impact on yourself and your children.

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When you are looking for something special - something a bit luxurious - to express the love of your family, you can be confident that Adelaide photographer, Tania Gaylor, will craft a family portrait of significance.

She will understand what you want (even if you don't), take you by the hand and give your family an experience that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

You will laugh, you will cry...

You will have so much fun...and your heart will burst with pride when you see the finished art.  Your family portraits will be filled with so much emotion and your featured portrait will make everyone in your family feel that they are a part of something important and special.

Imagine a statement piece or a featured gallery hanging in your home that says everything about your family. 




Now imagine images on a USB!  There is no comparison.

Tania Gaylor specialises in capturing the essence of your family - elegantly and artfully - providing you a complete service so you can enjoy your family portraits hanging in your home as custom-designed art that portrays a legacy of Belonging...It says to your children/your family, "I Love You" and "You Belong Here".  There is no other piece of art, furniture or toy you can have in your home that will express love like a 'Tania Gaylor' portrait. It will say so much about you and your family in one of the most beautiful ways.

What will a portrait like this mean to you?



Let me introduce myself...

I’m Tania Gaylor, an Adelaide family portrait photographer with a unique twist - I also have interior design skills that allow me to create stunning art-pieces of your family that will not only capture your family's essence but will also complement your home's interior.

I have been photographing families for over 35 years and I understand what’s most important when it comes to crafting family portraits here in Adelaide.  

I'll work closely with you to understand your vision and bring your story to life.  

Whether you want a classic style or contemporary portrait, I'll guide you through the process, from the initial design concepts to the final installation in your home.  

Each step is easy and seamless.  All the heavy lifting is done for you.  You just need to show up and have fun.

Largs Bay Beach Family Portrait with VW Combi Van and living room view with portraits hanging
Largs Bay Beach Family Portrait with VW Combi Van and living room view with portraits hanging

As one of Adelaide's top family portrait photographers and having an expert eye in interior design, careful selection for color, texture, and style, we will collaborate together to design a portrait that perfectly complements your home's interior, creating a cohesive and beautiful aesthetic that truly reflects your family's unique personality and style.

As you can probably tell, I am very different to most other Adelaide photographers because I believe that family portraits should not just be about taking a photo, but about creating a meaningful and emotional piece of art that will inspire your family. 


It will be designed to give a sense of Belonging and Connection while instilling strong values of Love, Happiness & Strength.

My intention is that these feelings will stay with your family forever through your portraits.

Each family portrait is tailored to your family's style and personality. They are not just beautiful but also powerful in the message they convey. 

You'll be proud to showcase your family's values through a one-of-a-kind art-piece and a heart-melting album.

If this is an opportunity you would love to experience - it will be a bit luxurious and a whole lot of fun - please don't hesitate to reach out.

Parents Agree...
Printed Photos Help Families Feel Closer and More Connected

Fine Art Family Portrait Photography, Adelaide, South Australia

Let's Start With A Chat

If you would like to find out more, we will start with a relaxed chat on the phone.


We will talk about your family and how a family portrait will impact you.

I will...


  • Understand what’s most important to you about your family and why you would like to have a family portrait at this time…

  • Give you some great ideas on what we could create together.

  • Provide all the details on crafting a family portrait and...

  • Give you a broad indication on investment and products.

If you like everything we discuss, we will arrange a time to meet via zoom.


I will run a short presentation on how I work and what process I have in place to ensure your portraits are a work of art.


You will see lots of samples of what I have created for other clients.

And if you like what you see...


We will get more specific about what you want and how your portraits can be displayed in your home.


I will give you a better indication on how much you can plan on investing in your portraits based on what we discuss.

If you choose to proceed we will schedule an in-home design consultation and portrait session.

Child family portrait Room View, Adelaide, South Australia

Some kind words...Google Reviews

Adelaide Photographer - Tania Gaylor Photography
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Be THRILLED...or your Money Back!
100% Money Back Guarantee

Beautifully Crafted Family Portrait Photography, Adelaide
Family Portrait to make you smile - Adelaide photographer

You Won't Receive Anything Less Than AMAZING!

No matter what, you will be so thrilled with your portraits because I will do what it takes to make sure you are THRILLED or I will return every cent you have paid.

That’s my 100% Money Back Guarantee to you.

If you don’t love what I do...

If you are not moved by your portraits when they are revealed to you...

If you are not thrilled with how your portraits look in your home...


I will either do what it takes to make sure you are THRILLED  or I will refund your money!


No hassles or hard feelings. 


That’s just the way I am... 


I will even give you the images!

That’s how confident I am about making sure your portraits will be the most amazing, stunning, valuable art-pieces you could ever hang in your home.

You have those who think they can take a photo...
Then you have Photographers...and better yet - Photographic Artists

Adelaide Photographer - Tania Gaylor Photography

Are All Photographers Equal?

There are many different kinds of  photographers to choose from today.

Many of them may take a great picture but there are many who don’t have the experience, knowledge and skill to capture the best in people, to make your heart sing or make your family portrait a work of art.

Most don’t want to even see the job through to the end!

Imagine this...

Your photographer has taken your photos and ‘prettied’ them up a bit, then they give you the digital files so you can sort out the rest.

They think they are helping you...but are they?

Do you really have time to sift through your photos, choose the ones you like, head to Harvey Norman to print it?

Hmmm, the image looks a bit dark, but that's the one you want to print.  Will the colour come out right…will it be blurry?

Are you printing the right size??  But you're there now so you print it anyhow...

Then, when it's ready,  you head back to Harvey Norman with your fingers crossed hoping it looks okay.

You pick it up, head to IKEA to find a frame.

You manage to get the print into the frame without damaging the photo.


Hmmm, where am I going to put it?

How am I going to hang it??

Is it going to look good...have I made a good choice?


You finally get it up on the wall and...

It's way too could have gone twice as large.


As you look closely, you also notice there is a dirty mark on your husband's shirt and now you can't unsee it.

Time & money wasted.

That’s even if you find time to print it in the first place!

Reality Check...

More often than not, the images never leave the usb or hard drive because it’s a project that ends up in the ‘too hard basket’

Guess What?

There is an easier way...and it will be more than you ever dreamed it could be.


Grange Beach Photography - Family Portraits Adelaide
Family Portrait Photography Filled With Emotion, Adelaide South Australia

This is what I do...

Photographic Artist - Tania Gaylor Photography
Room view of Family Portrait in Living Room, Adelaide South Australia

Art That Happens To Be Your Family

If you want to work with an experienced photographic artist who will guide you through every detail, every design element, from beginning to end...

That is exactly what I do.

And this is why I decorate homes around Adelaide (and the world) with beautifully styled portraits of your family.


The portraits I create are designed to compliment your home’s decor and captures the soul of your family.

I will save you time because I will do everything for you so all you need to do is enjoy the experience.

My goal for every session is to create impactful wall art of your family so it creates positive memories, boosts self esteem and strengthens family bonds...


...and the visual expression of unity is at the core of every image I craft.

The Design Consultation

Getting the perfect family portrait is hard.  But I make it whole lot easier, less stressful, more meaningful and more fun.

I get it.

Finding the right family photographer here in Adelaide is hard.  Really hard.  There are so many to choose from.

If you’re worried about how you will look, I will make you feel comfortable and relaxed so I bring out your inner sparkle.

We start with an In-Home Design Consultation.

If you aren’t sure what you want or what to do, the design consultation solves everything.


I will ask lots of questions to understand you, then offer ideas and design concepts to establish what it is that you will love.

I will offer suggestions on where to display your portraits, compliment the style of your portrait to the decor of your home…while keeping in mind your family’s personality.

We will choose the best location, for your portrait session, to match your style.

Then I will help you coordinate your outfits to blend with all elements of the design.

If you are creative, have a good eye for design, know what you would love to have and are very specific in your ideas, then we will work together, collaborate, to bring your project to life.

The bottom line is, I will get to the heart of your family and have that shine through your portraits so it stands out as a beautifully crafted masterpiece hanging in your home that leaves an everlasting impact that ties your family together.

Family Portrait Photography, Adelaide, Photograph Taken In Their Home
Family Portrait Photography - Botanic Park, Adelaide

The Portrait Session

On the day of your portrait session, it's all about FUN!

Your family will come together so you can spend quality time with each other. 


You won’t want the session to end because sitting so close...abnormally close to each other - laughing, hugging, kissing, smothering each other - is something you, as a parent, will want to continue for as long as you possibly can - no matter how old your children are.

You will all be blended and wrapped and snuggled and hugged and happy…so happy, your heart will be filled to the brim with love.

I will guide you through, tell you how to pose, how to sit, how to interact with each other so it looks natural and normal...and beautiful.

It may feel weird at times, but I guarantee it will look will all look beautiful.

The Print Selection

After your portraits have been taken and I've had time to weave my magic, you are probably feeling very excited - and a little nervous - to see how your portraits turned out.

But rest assured, they will be AMAZING!

I will present your portraits to you at your home and you will be blown away by the presentation.

You will feel all these emotions bubble up inside you as you can see - as proof is in these photographs - how beautiful your family is.

You may even cry a little tear of joy as you see one stunning photo after another...and this is ALL YOUR FAMILY.

But it doesn't end there...

I will assist with your selection and will make choosing your final artwork or album so easy.

Custom-Designed Portrait Album - Adelaide Photographer Tania Gaylor

The Delivery & Installation

Family Portrait Adelaide - Delivery & Installation of Wall Gallery

After I have quietly worked behind the scenes to complete your art, the final step is HERE!


Delivery and installation of the artwork you have purchased.

Every step so far has been pretty exciting, but this one is the biggest of them all because this is where all our planning and preparation comes together.

This is where your finished artwork is revealed and professionally installed in your home.

And this is where you will be mesmerised as you take it all in.

Your heart will be filled with love and your home filled with happiness.



Having portraits of your family proudly displayed in your home gives everyone a sense of belonging, symbolising stability and your bonded connection to each other.

Together we have created one of the most impactful ways you can nurture your family's emotional well-being.

That's pretty powerful.

More Google Reviews...

Andelaide's Family Portrait Artist - Tania Gaylor Photography
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Screen Shot 2023-08-18 at 7.51.59 pm.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-18 at 7.50.33 pm.png


Andelaide's Family Portrait Artist - Tania Gaylor Photography

Wall Art

There are three kinds of wall art - Signature Art, Grande Fine Art Canvases & Feature Wall Murals:

Signature Wall Art:

You will be the envy of town with this beautiful work of art hanging proudly in your home.  Signature art can be a stand-alone large statement piece, or displayed as a companion set of 3-4 images, or you can hang them as a gallery of varying sized images.  Your portrait will be professionally printed on quality photographic paper then custom-framed using archival materials - acid-free mats and UV protected conservation glass.

Grande Fine Art Canvases:

When BIG is best, over-sized fine art canvases are a luxurious and contemporary way to display your favorite images. Starting from sizes 1 meter and bigger, these canvases are complimented with a matching frame to give it that finishing touch and are professionally installed for you.

Feature Wall Murals:

Breathtaking and impactful are the best ways to describe how a featured wall mural will feel and look in your home.  But this is not a scenery image that has no meaning, this will be an image of artistry inspired by your family, your home, what it represents and the most important people in your life.

Custom Designed Portrait Albums

There is no feeling like the one you get when you look through a portrait album.


As you turn one quality page after another, your album will be filled with everything you love...


...Your family.


This won’t be a portrait album you will put away in a drawer.


The thick, hard, rigid pages allow you to place this album on a stand for everyone to see and enjoy…everyday!

Research found an overwhelming number of families agreed that printed photos strengthen families and have positive benefits for children.

Boutique Gift Set

Offered as an add-on to your wall portrait or portrait album, the Boutique Gift Set is perfect if you are wanting to gift someone special  like your parents, grand parents or close family members.


The box includes 3 - 8x10" Matted Prints presented in a neatly crafted gift box. 


You can either split a pack between several family members, or you can pop each matted print into a frame and display them around your home or you can present the whole gift box to that someone special and see their heart fill with joy.

Boutique Gift Box

More Google Reviews...

Andelaide's Family Portrait Artist - Tania Gaylor Photography
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Get In Touch...

As someone who values family above all else, I understand how important it is to capture those precious moments to decorate your home.

It's so important now, more than ever, for families to lay a solid foundation of love, happiness & strength


By doing this through family portraits hanging in your home, it will be your family’s daily reminder of how important you are to each other.

I'd love to have a relaxed chat about how we can bring this concept to life for your family. 


No pressure, no obligations.


Just a friendly conversation.

Either call on the number below, send an email or schedule a call below.

I look forward to connecting and discovering the unique story your family portrait will tell.

Kind Regards,

Tania Gaylor


Tania Gaylor Photography

Phone:  0408 885 571

West Lakes, Adelaide

South Australia

Filling Your Heart With Love and Your Home with Happiness


Tania Gaylor Photography

Fine Art Family Portrait Photographer, Adelaide, South Australia

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