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9 Point Checklist...

How To Choose The Right Photographer And Have The Family Portraits Of Your Dreams.

You're considering a family portrait of your family, but it's not just any family, you have a large family of around 14 people.  There's you and your husband, your children and their partners and your grandchildren (if you're lucky enough, you may have your own parents with you too) and you'd love a portrait of everyone together.

I know you value your family more than anything else in the world and you want to preserve the memories of your family history so you can relive them again whenever you want.

As time passes, our memories fade and we can forget exactly how things actually were.

My goal is to help you protect and cherish these memories by creating beautiful images that you'll be proud of and will treasure for decades to come.

The 9 Point Checklist For Large Family Portraits will ensure you have the portraits of your dreams.

The 9 Point Checklist will help you choose the right photographer

by following the proven steps in creating the portrait of your dreams.


Print The Checklist
When you download the 9 Point Checklist, print it immediately and tick it off as you progress through the steps.


Nine Steps To Beautiful Portraits
From choosing your photographer, to having your portraits hanging on your wall, there are NINE important steps to follow to guarantee success.


It Will Help You Choose The Right Photographer
Also included in the free download is a detailed description on how to choose a photographer that is perfect for you.  There are important features a photographer should have and the checklist will ensure you have covered each one when searching for your photographer.  When a photographer ticks all the right boxes, you will know for sure that he/she is the photographer you are looking for.


Do You Want Incredible Portraits Of Your Family?
The 9 Point Checklist is so important in achieving the most incredible portraits you could ever have.  You will invest valuable time and money into your family portrait and you want nothing short of amazing hanging on your wall.  If you find a photographer who understands how important this is to you then you will be absolutely thrilled.

Download The Checklist Today

By popping your details in the form above, you will receive the 9 Point Checklist instantly and you can start calling photographers today.


I Also Have A Gift for You
By downloading the 9 Point Checklist today you will find a little-something for you...a gift from me to you.

Kind Regards,

Tania Gaylor

PS  If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about your family and the portraits you would love to have, you are welcome to call me anytime on 0408 885 571.


Phone:  0408 885 571


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