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Today Tania helped us hang our beautiful family portraits. Tania’s creativity and professionalism has shone through every step of the experience - including our fun-filled styling/wardrobe session here at home, and our late afternoon photo “shoot” in two beautiful locations suggested by Tania.  The photographs capture the essence of our family, our individual personalities and the relaxed comfortable atmosphere Tania brought to their creation.

Kathy Gadsden and Peter Sveinsson


Don’t you just love Autumn in Adelaide atm and seeing the landscape transform before your eyes, from summer greens to a rich golden warmth…isn’t it stunning??

Maybe you're driving to work and have notice the morning light as it shines through the golden-leafed trees that line the streets and falling leaves that gently rain down on your car? 


Wouldn't you just love to stop your car in the middle of the road and take a photo? 


Better yet, wouldn’t it be lovely to have your family portrait taken with these falling leaves and stunning colours in a beautiful location?’


(Note:  I have a special offer for you below if you do)...

Let me take you on a journey...

You're driving to work and you do notice the changing landscape and would love a portrait of your family.  You have some great ideas going through your head for what kind of portrait you would love hanging in your home. 


You get to work and the more you think about it the more you really want to do it especially when you see the photograph of your children that is sitting on your desk, taken quite a few years ago…they still have their ‘baby face’.  

You have just realised how quickly your children have grown.  

They aren’t your baby’s anymore, they are young adults now and soon they will be leaving the nest…MY GOSH, where have the years gone!!

When you get home, you start Googling photographers in Adelaide and there are so many to choose from.  Some look average and some look GREAT!  Some give you photos on a USB and some do everything for you.  What YOU want is nothing but the best - a beautiful photograph and a photographer that can help you every step of the way - from initial concept to a stunning portrait hanging in your home.  

This portrait will be a part of your life FOREVER and you want it to capture your family perfectly, you want it to look stunning and you want quality craftsmanship that you can hang proudly in your home.

Yes, you know you can pay a few hundred dollars and have a ton of ‘okay’ photos taken then given to you on a USB (with maybe one or two that might look alright) but that's not what you want. 


You want portraits that look AMAZING, personally designed and framed to compliment your home.

That’s where I can help.


Family Portraits In Autumn

Capturing these all-important photographs is something that we will do together. 


We’ll get to know each other and chat about the kinds of things you’re looking for.  We’ll combine these ideas with my artistic vision in a customised planning session and a one-of-a-kind portrait session totally inspired by you, your dreams, hopes and imagination.


By taking your family portrait at this time of the year (among the beautiful earthy tones of Autumn), in a beautiful natural surrounding, everyone will feel relaxed and look great.


Within a few weeks, your portraits will have been crafted into individual pieces of art.  You’ll be able to select your favourites from the best images we have captured.  This is an exciting time and I’ll help you select the portraits that are most perfect for you.


I promise you, this will be an experience you’ll never forget and one you can’t get from any other photographer in Adelaide.  You will be so thrilled with your portraits and I will do whatever it takes to make sure you are thrilled beyond expectation.  If you don’t feel this way when you see your portraits (if you don’t feel all fuzzy and warm), I will give you your money back - one hundred percent of it - returned with no hassles or hard feelings either.


I am a fine art family portrait photographer specialising in wall portraiture for young families, families with adult children and large family groups of 3 generations or more.  Based in West Lakes, I also love photographing in all suburbs of Adelaide to photograph your family wherever you happen to be.


As a parent, you know that nothing ever stays the same from one day to the next and your family is forever changing so don’t wait until tomorrow to capture today’s memories because tomorrow may be too late.


Call today to see what we can dream up together.


Kind Regards,


Tania Gaylor


***TODAY ONLY***  By calling TODAY (Friday 23rd March) I will give you a $95 Voucher that you can put toward your portraits.  All you need to do is call me on 0408 885 571 and have a chat about the family portraits you would love to have.  That’s it!  No obligation at all.  If you choose to proceed with a portrait session, you can use your voucher and save.  I look forward to talking to you today :)


Phone:  0408 885 571



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