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Christmas Gift Certificate
Christmas Gift Certificate

Family Portrait Christmas Gift Certificate

Adelaide, South Australia

Still looking for a Christmas gift for your wife?

It's not too late to arrange the most valuable gift you could ever give her for Christmas BUT you will have to call me today to have it ready for you by tomorrow, Christmas Eve.


So, you're looking for something special - something a bit luxurious for your wife - then my family portrait gift certificates are perfect for her.


My name is Tania Gaylor and I will craft a family portrait for you that will capture the essence of your family - elegantly and artfully - so you can enjoy it hanging in your home as custom-designed art.


Imagine your wife walking past your family portrait, mounted proudly over your mantle or hanging beautifully over your couch, and her body tingles with love, pride and happiness every time she walks by...


That's how this gift will make her feel - not only on Christmas day - by for every day there-after.


My personally designed, framed and wrapped gift certificates are loved by any mother who values quality products and thinks her family is the most precious thing on earth.


And when she unwraps her gift on Christmas day, this will only be the start of her wonderful experience.


She will see the gift certificate includes the following...


1 - 45 Minute Pre-Portrait Design Consultation

1 - 60-120 Minute Portrait Session (photographed at any Adelaide location special to you)

1 - 8x12" Matted Photograph

2 - 5x7" Photographs - In folders

1 - $85 Print Credit To Go Toward Extra Prints


And this is only the start!


When we meet, your whole family and I will have a great time creating the most stunning portraits you could ever have.


The collection above is normally valued at $1020 but my Christmas offer today is...




I just love making people feel good and I love seeing how proud they are of their family.


And if this is a gift you would love to buy for your wife, call me today and let's have a chat (no time for emails or messaging). If you proceed, then I will have your own personalised gift certificate printed, framed and ready for collection by tomorrow (Christmas Eve).


But you have to call today on 0408 885 571.


What would a beautifully styled portrait of your family mean to you?


As you'll see, I’m very different to most other photographers here in Adelaide because it’s my mission to create stunning family portraits that bring so much joy to the hearts and homes of the people I photograph.

And by hanging this portrait in your home, as a statement piece, it makes everyone in your family feel that they are a part of something important and special.

And it's something that we will uniquely craft together...

I will hold your hand from the very beginning (from the initial design concepts), right through until your beautifully styled portrait is professionally framed and installed in your home.

This portrait won’t be like any other.  It will be stunning and artistic but most importantly it will send a strong message to your family - to your children - saying “I love you” and “You belong here”, instilling important family values of love, happiness & strength all because they get to see this portrait in your home, and feel this way, every day.

That's the power of my family portraits.

Call today and let's have a chat, I would love to give you some great ideas on what we can create together.

Kind Regards,

Tania Gaylor

PS  For inspiration and ideas on the style of portraits I can create for you, head to my Gallery.

Call today...

Phone:  0408 885 571



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