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Private Viewing Page For


Hi ,


Welcome to your private online viewing page.  You are the only person I have given your  password to but you are welcome to pass it onto any other family members, if you wish, to share your portraits with them. 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This page is scheduled to come down on FRIDAY 28th JULY, 2017.

Please ensure your order has been placed and confirmed before this time or extra fees may apply.

Please find below the beautiful movie presentation of your portraits with music.  This is also password-protected so just follow the instructions under 'Video Presentation' and enjoy!  Below that you will find a link to access your gallery of portraits to select the ones you wish to print.


Your portraits are beautiful and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have had creating them.


Kind Regards,


Tania :)



I have put a little presentation together, with music, of your gorgeous portraits so sit back and enjoy!

Just enter the same password you used to access your private viewing page,

into the white box below and click 'WATCH VIDEO'.



Before you press play, Click the 'HD' symbol at the bottom-right of the video and make sure that 720p is selected.

This will ensure your video is nice and clear.



Once you have watched the presentation above, click here to access your gallery of portraits.

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