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I Will Be With You Every Step Of The Way

When I create a portrait, I invest time in getting to know who I am photographing well before any photographs are taken.  I discover what's important to you to understand your family and personalities.  I look at your home to see your style and decor then I hold your hand every step of the way to design & style a statement piece that will express the love, happiness and strength of your family.

Together we will create an art-piece that is stunning and personal, and will fill your home with warmth, style and sophistication.

It will be the most valuable item, in your home, that you could ever invest in.


And this is how we'll do it in 5 easy steps...

1.  The Meeting

The first step is to meet each other to decide if we would love to work together.  This is where I will show you samples of my work and give you all the details and some amazing ideas on what we can create together.  If we're a great fit then we will arrange a planning session and set a date for your portrait session.

2.  The Planning Session

About two weeks before your portrait session we’ll meet to design your portraits, look at how you would love to display them, pick the perfect products for your style, what location will suit the best and coordinate what to wear.

3.  The Portrait Session

During your portrait session we’ll have a great, relaxed time where I capture the stunning and artistic portraits we planned for.

4.  The Presentation

4 weeks later we’ll meet up again where I’ll present your stunning portraits and help you choose the perfect photographs for your home.

5.  The Delivery & Install

Then around 4-6 weeks later I’ll hand-deliver your finished portraits and professionally install any wall art you ordered.


Here are some samples of artworks and installs created for other families of Adelaide...

Call today to see what artistry we can create together.


If you are anything like me and you value your family more than anything in the world then let's have a chat (no obligation of course), I would love to hear about your family and what's important to you.  I can give you some great ideas and give you a good indication on how much you can plan on investing in your portraits.

By calling today and having a chat about what we could create together, you will be on your way to showing your children how important they are to you and how much you love them.


Phone:  0408 885 571


Alternatively you can contact me via email:

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