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Family Portrait Gift Certificate
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Framed Gift Certificate
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Framed Gift Certificate

Are You Looking For The Perfect Gift To Give Someone Special?  Here Are My Beautifully Framed Portrait Gift Certificates...

Family is important to you and you would love to give a gift of a family portrait to someone special.


Maybe it's your mum's 70th Birthday...or your parents are celebrating their 40th (or even their 50th!) Wedding Anniversary!  Or your sister has just given birth to her first newborn baby...or your brother and his young family have just moved into their new home and you want to give him something personal to fill their home.  Maybe you are looking for a Christmas gift for your partner...or you just simply want to give your friend a wonderful gift for just being there!

Whoever you are giving the gift to and for whatever occasion, if their family is as important to them as yours is to you, then a Family Portrait Gift Certificate would have to be one of the most valuable gifts you could ever give.

They will not only be thrilled with the gift that you have thoughtfully given them but they will also be so thrilled with the whole experience in creating the most stunningly beautiful portraits they will ever have.  On top of that, they will enjoy their portraits  (your gift) every day for the rest of their life.


Anyone who has received one of my framed Family Portrait Gift Certificates have been absolutely THRILLED with their gift.  Just read the testimonial below from Jenny Riggal who received her gift certificate from her family for her 70th Birthday...she loved the whole experience.


This is not only because when she first opened her gift to see a beautifully framed gift voucher, she could immediately see the value in having a beautiful family portrait...and her family means everything to her!


In the images shown above, you will see how my gift certificates are presented.  The certificate is 5x7" in size and beautifully framed in an 8x10" frame with a white mat.


Each gift certificate includes a photographic image that is representative of the occasion or person you are giving the gift to.  It is also made more personal with a special message from you, including a description of the portrait collection you choose.  All they need to do is call me to begin their experience in having the most incredible portraits created for them.

Capturing these all-important photographs is something that I will do together with them.

We’ll chat about the kinds of things they’re looking for in family portrait and we’ll combine those ideas with my artistic vision in a customised planning session and a one-of-a-kind portrait session totally inspired by them, their dreams, hopes and imagination.


We’ll choose a time that is convenient for the planning session to plan their portrait session.  There is plenty of time dedicated to capturing the most breathtaking and meaningful portraits they will ever have.


I will care for them on your behalf and make them feel even more special than they already are.  We will arrange a meeting where I will meet with them personally, talk about their portraits, design and plan their portrait session and give them the time of their lives.  Most importantly, we will work together creating the wonderful portraits you have entrusted me to create for them.

If this is the ideal gift you are looking for, call today to see how special a family portrait gift certificate will be.


Kind Regards,


Tania Gaylor


Phone:  0408 885 571



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