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Top 5 Interior Design Tips For Planning a Family Portrait To Hang In Your Home

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Yes, we all would love to have a family portrait taken and have it hanging proudly in our home but sometimes when we see the results we don’t always love what we see. So to avoid disappointment, here are my 5 Interior Design tips to make sure you are going to LOVE your portraits and won’t want to do anything but hang it proudly in your home…

1. Invite Your Photographer To See Your Home: Have your photographer come to your home and see where you would like to hang your portraits. This way they can see the style of your home, your colour scheme and understand your personality. All of this is important for creating a style of portrait that you will enjoy for years, but just as important, compliment your home.

2. Select The Right Location For Your Session: Choose a location that will blend with the style of your home. If your home is light, bright and airy, you don’t want to choose a garden location that is dark and moody. Something like an almond blossom orchard with a gentle breeze blowing or a high-key urban setting or of course a misty beach scene will look beautiful. On the other hand, if your home has lots of dark furniture and rich tones you wouldn’t put a beach scene in there. A garden setting, or even photographing in your own home will be ideal locations to use as a stylish background for your portrait to blend with your home.

3. Wear The Right Clothes: What you wear not only needs to suit your personality, the location you choose, as well as coordinating with each other, but your clothes also need to reflect the style and colours in your home. A formal home will best suit formal-wear whereas a modern home will best suit something more casual. Here are some extra tips on: coordinating clothing.

4. Framing Your Portrait: This is the final element to consider in creating your family portrait and good custom framing turns your print into a stunning piece of art that you will proudly hang on your wall. Of course your frame needs to match the portrait as well as the décor of your home, in style, colour, texture and finish so consider these four elements when choosing your frame.

5. Hanging Your Portrait: Now that you have this beautiful portrait, it is time to hang it in your home but it’s not as simple as banging a nail into the wall and hanging the photograph (especially if you are needing to hang a gallery of portraits)…there is a real art to it (and lots of precise calculating and measuring!). You also need to consider the weight of your framed portraits, what hooks need to be used, how high it should hang, how far apart, etc. When hanging something as special as this, you should really have a professional picture hanger do it for you because they have all the skills and equipment you need to do it properly. The picture hanger I recommend is Noleen at Adelaide Picture Hanging Service.

So this is what it takes to have family portraits stylised to hang perfectly in your home and if you choose a boutique photographer, they will hold your hand from the very beginning and will style your portrait to hang perfectly in your home.

What did you think? Were these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments below!



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