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At Last! The Most Timeless and Thoughtful Present You Can Give to Celebrate Someone Special - Made Right Here In Adelaide and Made Only For The Person You Give It To. Guaranteed!

A Gift For Even the Hardest to Please or Those Who Have It All

Finally...One of The Most Flattering Gifts Symbolic of so Much Love.

Are you tired of searching for a luxury gift for her, only to feel like it’s not quite right? Are you looking for a way to celebrate your loved one that’s both thoughtful and sentimental and it's something unique, other than flowers, jewellery, a designer bag or holiday?


At 'Te', we help you celebrate your loved one with a unique gift - a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, created just for her to celebrate their birthday, a wedding anniversary, an achievement...or just because. It's a beautiful representation and an intimate way to show how much she means to she gets to enjoy it every day as it hangs in her home.

For the past 35 years, Tania Gaylor has helped thousands of people celebrate their families through photographic 'family portraits'. Now, it’s time to focus on the heart of your family - your wife/partner/significant other/yourself - honoring them in the form of art.


Since the launch of 'Te' in early 2024, we have celebrated mothers and fathers, women and men, through digital painting, signifying how important they are to their family as well as themselves. Let us create something special for your loved one, with one of the most flattering gifts symbolic of so much love.

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Learn About This Unique Experience and Guarantee an Unforgettable Celebration for Your Loved One.

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"The process is truly empowering..."  Erin D, SA

Finding a unique gift for someone you love can be much easier than you think.  Many people simply don't know what to buy which makes gift-giving a chore. 


We've not only created a luxury gift that is thoughtful, personalised and a unique experience for the recipient but we make it so simple for you because we handle all the details so you can be King of gift-giving and feel profound joy and fulfillment, knowing you've given something deeply personal and meaningful.


If you follow us, step-by-step, you'll have a gift certificate, luxuriously packaged, in your hand within 1-3 days to present to your loved one on their special day.

You won't just be giving a gift certificate on their special day. When your loved one opens their beautifully packaged gift, they'll discover a magical experience that keeps on giving. This guarantees an unforgettable celebration and when they connect with the artist, a heartfelt and sentimental personalised portrait will be styled and crafted just for them, to hang proudly in their home, creating a significant and positive impact every time they pass by.


This will be one of the most timeless and thoughtful presents you can give, showing how much your loved one means to you.


"She makes me feel strong, content and ...grounded"

"My portrait is super makes me feel good (soo good) to just be ME. She makes me feel strong, content and rooted/grounded And that I got this!

...there’s been so much love put into this and I’m so honoured to have been involved in this process, just magic."


Trish H, Brighton


"It's amazing what I saw in me via that portrait, things I have never seen before"


Wow!! I sat looking at my portrait's amazing what I saw in me via that portrait, things I have never seen before.........also .........things to come...... AMAZING!! Your gift of vision, by way of the portrait, is a huge blessing to me.  I can't thank you and Helen enough.

Much love and deep gratitude"

Marcia J, Largs Bay

"What a perfect piece filled with inner peace and grace..."

"Feeling incredibly blessed, what a perfect piece filled with inner peace and grace to compliment my space and work. Thank you so much Tania & Helen, you are such a talent "


Jo O, Peterhead


Here's A Brief Outline Of What We'll Cover
In Your Free 20-Minute Introductory Call

  • Why gifting art has profound meaning
    Discover why the significance of gifting art, specifically personalised portraits, extends far beyond mere aesthetics and visual beauty.

  • What a 'Te' Portrait is and how it can impact your life in a positive way
    Uncover the surprising ways a 'Te' portrait can uplift and inspire someone.

  • Who the gift is for, what can be created, and a good indication of the investment
    Discuss who you are gifting, explore design options for them, and get a clear idea of the investment.

  • What's involved in having a personalised portrait crafted for your loved one
    Discover the complex process of creating a personalised portrait, made easy for you, that beautifully captures your loved one.

  • Why your loved one should be part of the experience
    Understand the importance of involving your loved one in this
    meaningful journey.

  • Who will love a 'Te' portrait and why they should have one.
    Find out why a 'Te' portrait is equally revered by men and women, and why it makes such a special gift.

  • How to arrange a personalised portrait as a surprise.
    Discover how effortlessly you can plan a personalised portrait as a surprise gift, requiring minimal time from you and made seamless by working with an experienced artist that handles all the details for you.

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25% Of Men Buy Gifts at the Last Minute: Here's How to Get It Right

Do you fall into this category?


According to research, 25% of men wait until the last 2-3 days to buy gifts. This can lead to rushed and less thoughtful presents. Many men struggle because they want the gift to be perfect and spend too much time comparing options. Others dislike shopping and feel pressure to find the right gift quickly. Busy schedules can also make it hard to shop early.   Gift buying is hard and time-consuming especially when you want it to be the perfect gift but it doesn't have to be this way.

Even if you have left it to the last minute, we can show you exactly what to do to have the perfect gift in your hands within 1-3 days and how our clients are swept off their feet when a personalised 'Te' portrait is created just for them.  Reserve your introductory call today to see how you can achieve the same result, faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Find the Ideal Gift and Avoid the Heartache of Disappointment

Why waste weeks searching for a gift that might lead to disappointment? Save time and get a better result with our expert advice on personalised 'Te' portraits. The whole creation process - from beginning to end -  is enjoyable and effortless, heartfelt and sentimental, making it the perfect luxury gift for someone special in your life.

Are you ready to find the perfect gift quickly and easily? Impress your loved one without the endless search? And be the King of gift giving? Schedule your free introductory call today while you still can.

Emily Tanui.jpg

Here's Another Taste Of What You Can Expect When You Book Your Free Introductory Call...


The POSITIVE IMPACT of a Personalised Portrait

We'll reveal what's REALLY happening behind the scenes and why it seems so much more than just having an art piece created for you.


Why Buying A Diamond Necklace or Going On A Holiday Isn’t Always The Best Choice to Mark a Special Occassion

We’ll show you why there’s a lot more to buying the perfect gift than first meets the eye and what to do instead.


What Never To Do When Attempting To Gift A Personalised Portrait.

Please, never EVER do this on your journey to gifting your loved one a personalised portrait (unless you want to stay in the bad books for a long time).


3 Little Tips to Help You ENJOY The Experience and LOVE The Results With Confidence

We've used these tips and techniques to 100% guarantee the results for our clients so they LOVE their final artwork and don't feel weird about having it hanging in their home - now YOU can have the same.


The Vital Key To Having A Personalised Portrait That You Will Proudly Hang In Your Home

This all-important piece of the puzzle is crucial to having your own portrait hanging in your home and without it, you will be disappointed - make sure you do this at all costs!



We are confident you'll love it...

When you have an exclusive, one-of-a-kind artwork created with us at 'Te', you can invest with confidence because you'll always be covered by our money back guarantee.  In the extremely unlikely event we can't create an artwork that you are totally THRILLED with, we'll refund every cent you've invested with us - no questions asked.


"I'm truly honoured to have this art on my wall..."

"I'm blown away by what Tania & Helen (Te) have created. The process is truly empowering ...Te has taken a professional photo and dived deep into my soul by asking a series of questions that exposed my inner realm then interpreted it into this amazing piece of art that I connect with. I'm truly honoured to have this art on my wall...“


Erin D, South Australia


"This piece is exquisite..."


“Thank you, Tania. For all the years we’ve worked together, this piece is exquisite, and I’m so thrilled to be among your premiere portraitures for this work of art. I can see the strength of my Grandmother and Mother every time I look at this piece. I will cherish this forever.”

Emily K, Auldana

"It's just amazing...andmy husband really loved it"

"...Everyone I show the portrait to says it's just amazing & how talented you are...and my husband really loved it"


Meredith R, College Park

Screen Shot 2024-04-27 at 10.59.23 am.png

"It looks really textural..."


“Oh my God!!…No seriously, I LOVE it!…It looks really textural…it looks unbelievable.  I look HOT!!!  ”

Olga D, South Australia

Schedule Your No-Obligation
20-Minute Introductory Call

During this no-obligation call, lead artist, Tania Gaylor will discuss your specific situation and how we can help you have the best gift for you or your loved one.

Here's what you'll discover in your free introductory call...

  • How to have the gift certificate in your hand within 1-3 days and how e handle all the details for you to make sure you have an amazing gift to give to your loved one on their special day

  • The exact process we've used to take many clients from feeling uncomfortable about having a personalised portrait to feeling so excited and proud about the experience and LOVING the final artwork.

  • The biggest problem people come to us with which holds them back from having something as special as a personalised portrait created for their home - even though they really want one.

This is ONLY for people who love style and beauty in their living space and are serious about giving a gift that is so stunning, timeless & thoughtful to celebrate someone really special in their lives (or themself).

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