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- Helping Hutt St Centre End Homelessness -

Morialta Recreation Area
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Morialta Recreation Area
Morialta Recreation Area
Morialta Recreation Area
Morialta Recreation Area
Morialta Recreation Area
Morialta Recreation Area
Morialta Recreation Area

Are You Ready To Rug Up And Have Your Portrait Taken

To Help Someone Else Rug Up Too?



I have always admired Hutt St Centre and all they do for people facing homelessness.  The Centre offers hope and opportunity, helping to rebuild lives.  They serve warm meals and have shower and laundry facilities. The Centre also has access to social workers and support services to assist those in need to get back on their feet and sheltered.

Hutt St Centre is always in need of blankets, sleeping bags and swags to help people facing homelessness (or families on the brink of homelessness) keep warm while they have no permanent shelter.

(Watch the video at the bottom of this page to see how Hutt St Centre changes lives).


My concept of "Winter Portraits for Winter Blankets" is inspired by my compassion for our community and my creativity to marry the two and contribute in some way to Hutt St Centre.

The passion I have for photographing families at this time of the year is stimulated by the overgrown, lush, green parks and gardens making it perfect for creating breathtaking and meaningful portraits.


For a winter session we rug up - layer upon layer - we wear a splash of colour here, a splash of colour there to add a touch of warmth.  We wrap ourselves in scarves, pull on a beanie and enjoy jumping on the spot to get warm as our warm breath hits the cold air!!!  We snuggle into each other, we connect on a level that creates fun! And through all of this, we capture the most amazing photographs you will keepsake.

Fine Print:

  • Fundraising Ends June 2nd, 2017

  • Please contact Tania Gaylor before the 2nd June, 2017 to secure your 'Winter Portraits For Winter Blankets' Portrait Collection.  Phone 0408 885 571 or email

  • Bookings Essential.

  • Your 'Hutt St Centre Winter Pack' will be required upon booking your portrait session to redeem the 'Winter Portrait For Winter Blankets' Portrait Collection offered.

  • Delivery/Collection of your Winter Pack is required before 2nd June, 2017

  • Sessions will be conducted throughout the Winter Season (June-August, 2017).  Sessions scheduled after August 31st, 2017 may incur extra fees or become void.

  • Offer valid for sessions of one immediate family; children on their own; couples or single person portraits.

  • Variations and restrictions may apply. Please contact Tania Gaylor Photography if clarification is required.

  • A 24-hour cancellation notice is required for both consult and portrait session appointments or your collection may be void.

  • In the case of inclement weather, the session date may be changed.  You will be notified two days prior if this is the case.

  • Your order must be placed at the time of the Portrait Presentation to redeem your 8x12" Photograph & $20 Voucher or they will become void. 

  • Cannot be used with any other portrait collection specials or other promotions.

  • Not redeemable for cash.

  • Privacy of your details are taken seriously and with your permission, Tania Gaylor will pass your name and email address onto Hutt St Centre so they can send you a personal thank-you for your donation.

By donating the Winter Pack below, you will receive the

'Winter Portraits For Winter Blankets Portrait Collection'

This includes the following:
    1 - 45 Minute Pre-Portrait Design Consultation
    1 - 60-120 Minute Portrait Session (photographed at any Adelaide location special to you)
    1 - 8x12” Photograph (In Card Folder)
    $20 Toward Extra Prints
    (Value:  $680)

Hutt St Centre Winter Pack:
    1 - New Blanket/Sleeping Bag/Swag
    2 - New Men’s Sports Socks
    2 - New Women’s Sports Socks
    2 - New Men’s Jocks
    2 - New Women’s Sports Bra
    2 - New Women’s Knickers
    1 - Scarf
    1 - Beanie
    (All placed in a striped carry bag with a zip)
If you would like to add to that, here are a few suggestions (you can also download the Centre's Wish List Here)
    1 - $25 Food Voucher/Gift Card (not linked to any liquor stores)
    1 - Single/Multi-Trip Ticket (For Public Transport)
    Extra Blankets, Warm Clothes, Etc.

Together, time will be dedicated with you to design a portrait that will capture you and your family perfectly at this time in your lives.


We can start with a chat and some guided, exciting ideas on what we can do together then all the details you need about having a beautiful portrait created of your family will be provided.  

If you choose to proceed, your booking will be secured upon receipt of the 'Hutt St Centre Winter Pack' and you will receive the 'Winter Portraits For Winter Blankets' Portrait Collection commencing with your pre-portrait design consultation.


Are you ready to rug up and have your portrait taken to help
someone else rug up too?
Phone:  0408 885 571

Walk A Mile In My Boots - Friday 11th August, 2017  More Info

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